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You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking virtual office management software or an office management system. You’ll find CRM invaluable whether you’re in charge of a busy law firm, real estate agency, dental business, or medical practice. Clients, employees, projects, documents, time, communications, and more can all be managed with CRM. Overall, CRM provides you with many excellent free office management solutions.

Project Managment

Manage customers and leads.Track client projects,invoic­es,proposals/estimates

Employees Management

Add your company’s employees,track their attendance, and manage their leaves

Customers Management

Manage customers and leads. Track client, projects, invoices, proposals/estimates.

Employess Assigned

Tickets can be raised by employees and clients who are assigned to ticket agents to get it resolved.

Product Management

Create products that can be used in invoices and can be purchased by clients.


Create contracts with clients with e- signatures.

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