Hospital Management System

Project summery

This system is a complete Hospital Management System. Every essential part of a hospital is included in the system. A different user group can access this system.

HMS Some Important Features:

This system is a full-featured Hospital Administration System. Every component of a hospital that is necessary is incorporated into the system. This system can be accessed by a variety of different user groups.

Admin can see other’s activities. Doctors can take control of patient information. Other groups like nurses, accountants, receptionists, pharmacists, and laboratories have their own window from where they can control and work.

The appointment schedule module helps both doctor and patient to manage their appointment information.

There is a notice where the admin will post notices and other groups will see those notices on his/her wall

Admin can send SMS and bulk email to other groups from this system to notify them about other activities.

This system contains a POS which helps to manage invoices and remove any kind of calculation error.

This software is built on CodeIgniter. This is web software. So, you can run it online. Also, you can run locally on your computer or LAN through local server software like XAMPP or WAMP server.

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